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First Announcement  

International Conference on the Chemistry and Physics of the Transactinide Elements

5 - 11 September 2011, Sochi, Russia

International Advisory Committee:

S. Dmitriev (JINR, Dubna)
C. Duellmann (Germany)
H. Gaeggeler (Switzerland)
D.C. Hoffman (USA)
S. Hofmann (Germany)
M. Itkis (JINR, Dubna)
J.V. Kratz (Germany)
M. Leino (Finland)
Y. Nagame (Japan)
H. Nitsche (USA)
Yu. Oganessian (JINR, Dubna)
V. Pershina (Germany)
P. Pyykko (Finland)
Qin Zhi (Peoples Rep. of China)
J. Roberto (USA)
M. Schaedel (Germany)
A. Sobiczewski (Poland)
M. Stoyer (USA)
A. Tuerler (Switzerland)


S. Dmitriev (JINR, Dubna)
Yu. Oganessian (JINR, Dubna)

Scientific secretary:

R. Kalpakchieva (JINR, Dubna)

This is the 4th in a series of conferences dedicated to the recent achievements, both in theory and experiment, in nuclear reactions and structure, chemistry and spectroscopy of the transactinide elements. The previous TAN conferences were held in Germany (Seeheim-Jugenheim, 1999), the USA (Napa, California, 2003) and Switzerland (Davos, 2007).

Venue: The TAN11 Conference will be held from 5-11 September 2011 in Sochi (Russia), which is located in a picturesque area with its own unique climate at the Black Sea coast and combines pleasures of the sea with the mountain landscape. For many years it has been known as one of the most popular Russian resorts. The International Olympic Committee has delegated to Sochi the right to act as the host city of the 2014 Olympic Games.

The Conference will be held in the Admiral Conference Hall of the Hotel Parus. A smaller hall will also be available for group discussions.

Organisation: The conference is organized by the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR), Dubna. Presumably, it will be sponsored by the Russian Foundation for Fundamental Research.

Scientific Programme: The scope of the TAN11 Conference includes the traditional topics in the field of transactinide science, covering both physical and chemical research:

  • Physics experiments synthesis and properties
  • Spectroscopy
  • Nuclear physics theory
  • Experimental chemical studies
  • Theory on chemical properties of the transactinides.

The conference programme will also include a Symposium dedicated to the 100th anniversary of awarding the Nobel Prize for chemistry to Maria Sklodowska-Curie.

The list of invited speakers (about 15: 40 min each) will be announced in the Second Circular by December 2010. Short oral presentations (about 40: 20 min each) will be selected by the International Advisory Committee among the applications. A poster session is also planned.

By the beginning of the Conference a Booklet of Abstracts, consisting of all the abstracts submitted to the Organizing Committee by April 15, 2011, will be printed. The Organizing Committee needs the abstracts for the selection of the oral presentations to be included in the programme. The abstracts should not exceed 1 page (17 cm x 25.5 cm) and are to be submitted as Microsoft Word, PostScript or PDF files desirably by E-mail completely ready for direct reproduction. The Booklet will be distributed to all participants during the conference registration.

Important dates:


30 September 2010

Second circular (with call for abstracts)

December 2010

Deadline for abstract submission

15 April 2011

Notification of speakers

1 June 2011

Final programme

1 August 2011

Conference Fee:

The registration fee for participants in the Conference, amounting to 500 Euro, for early registration (by 31 July 2011) or 550 Euro for registration after that date, will cover: participation in the scientific sessions, the Booklet of Abstracts, the welcome party, the conference dinner, all coffee breaks, the conference excursion and the transportation from the Adler (Sochi) airport to the conference site and back. The registration fee for accompanying persons, amounting to 250 Euro, includes the transportation from the Adler (Sochi) airport to the conference site and back, the welcome party, the conference dinner, as well as the conference excursion.
The registration fee does not include accommodation.

Accommodation: The accommodation will be organized in the Hotel Parus, which is connected with the Yacht Club of Sochi. It is situated in the center of Sochi, close to the sea shore. Prices will be announced in due time.

Visas: Foreign delegates are advised to inquire at the nearest Russian Consulate or Embassy whether a visa is required for their stay in Russia.

For arranging visas, participants are requested to inform the Secretary

Ms. Natalia Dokalenko
e-mail: doknatasha@jinr.ru
Fax: 7-49621-65891

of their and accompanying persons full name; date and place of birth; passport number; passport issue and validity; citizenship; arrival/departure dates; city of the Russian Consulate or Embassy, where the visa application is to be submitted, and itinerary inside Russia (please see the visa form). It is obligatory (!) to send the main page of the passport by fax or e-mail in a JPEG - format (preferred).


The Original Invitation letter (PRIGLASHENIE) received from the Consular Service of the RF Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be posted to a delegate for its further presenting at the nearest Russian Consulate in his/her country.


Please, address all the mail and questions concerning:

Scientific programme, publications, etc. to:

Visas to:

Prof. Sergey Dmitriev or Dr. Rumiana Kalpakchieva
Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions
Fax: (7 49621) 28933
Tel.: (7 49621) 65858 or 64857
E-mail: tan2011@jinr.ru

Ms. Natalia Dokalenko
International Department of JINR
Fax: (7 49621) 65891
Tel.: (7 49621) 65011
E-mail: doknatasha@jinr.ru

Joint Institute for Nuclear Research
141980 Dubna, Moscow region, Russia

You are welcome to attend the meeting and contribute to its success.
Please, submit this announcement to any colleagues, who might be interested in participating.

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