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Please inform the Organizing Committee well beforehand about your lodging. The hotel reservation form must be submitted directly from the conference web-site. If you are sharing a room, please name the person (otherwise the Organizers have to decide this for you).

A number of pre-reserved rooms are offered to participants on a first come basis in the conference venue Hotel Parus and in the hotel "Primorskii". Both hotels are situated in the sports complex Parus.

Please, note that hotel "Primorskii" is planned for the accommodation only of young scientists and students.

We have been now offered special reduced prices for the participants of TAN'11.

The room rates per participant per day, starting from the evening of September 5th to the afternoon of September 11th, 2011 (the arrival and departure days), offered at present are:

Hotel Parus

  1 person 2 persons
(per each)
No. of rooms
Standard double (two-beds) room 6 020 3 740 63
Suite, double bed, two rooms 10 520 6 240 7

Hotel Primorskii

  1 person 2 persons
(per each)
No. of rooms
Standard double (two-beds) room 3 160 2 150 6

N.B.  These prices include breakfast, lunch and dinner. The prices include also the use of the SPA-complex, the swimming pool, the beach, the open sport playgrounds and relevant equipment.
One can use Wi-Fi for which a card can be bought at the reception desk: 100 Rub/2 hours and 400 Rub/day.

Payments can be done either:

  • in cash to the Organizing committee at registration in the beginning of the conference,

  • or
  • by bank transfer to the same account as the Conference fee. On request, an invoice can be sent for the bank transfer payment.

The prices are given in Rubles (at present the exchange rate is 41 Rub/Euro).

In case payments are done directly at the hotel reception desk (either in cash or using electronic cards Visa, Master Card and Electron), the prices offered per person per day (including only breakfast, lunch and dinner) are with 18 % (VAT) higher than the ones given above.

Scheme of complex "Parus"

Scheme of complex "Parus"

1. Central Stadium
2. Hotel complex "Parus", main building
3. Training football field
4. Administrative building "South Sport"
5. Hotel complex "Parus", seaside complex
6. Beach
7. Harbor Sailing Center
8. Open sport playgrounds

Accommodation Gallery

Parus view 1
Parus view 2
View of room 1
View of room 2
Meeting Hall
BAR at 2 floor
Conference Hall

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